Wellington reconnects after lockdown

At the Wellington Primaries, when evaluating our return to work, we recognised that the majority of our children had been absent from school for 6 months and had not only missed valuable learning and sociable experiences, but had all encountered varying experiences of lockdown. We understood that some children were eager to get back to the safety and predictability that school provides for them, whilst others may have been anxious or not want to come back.​

It was our aim to provide a safe, calm, caring and welcoming environment that gave our children time to adjust, process and understand their feelings and emotions. In order to provide this, every child was engaged in our bespoke Reconnection Program. This gave children the time to adapt to the new normal and make sense of the world we now live in.

The Reconnection program was a 14 day curriculum rewrite tat immersed children in lessons centred on developing the whole child. Over the fourteen days, we learned to understand and regulate our emotions through the Zones of Regulation and Jigsaw PHSE sessions. We were given opportunities to evolve our creativity by engaging in large scale art projects. We explored ways of strengthening our brains and bodies by taking part in PE sessions, yoga classes and exploring meditation and mindfulness techniques.

The reconnection program provided both staff and children with the invaluable opportunity to form strong, understanding relationships and eased our children back into school, ensuring they didn’t feel pressurised in their return to the new version of normality.

The pictures you see in the attached PowerPoint are all products of the Wellington Primaries’ Reconnection Programme from across both schools. We hope you enjoy looking at them, as much as we did creating them.