All Reception and Keystage 1 children are provided with free fruit and vegetables as part of a Government scheme. Therefore, children up to Year 2 do not need to bring a snack for breaktime.

Unfortunately, this does not extend to Keystage 2. However, we recognise the need for all pupils to have a healthy snack at breaktime to keep their energy and fluid levels up.

Keystage 2 children are encouraged to bring fresh fruit and vegetables into school for their snack. This can also include dried fruit such as raisins and apricots.

We are always conscious of the environmental impact of additional packaging being brought into school, so where possible, please put your child’s snack in a Tupper wear container with their name on it so that there is not an excess of plastic bags or wrappers brought into school.

If your Keystage 2 child has packed lunch, please make sure their snack is put in their school bag, not their lunch box, so they can access it at breaktime without needing to go to the lunchbox storage area.

Please note: Fruit bars and fruit rolls that are in individual wrappers are not suitable for breaktime snacks. They often contain additives and a game card, which can cause issues if lost or swapped! These can be included in lunch boxes if your child puts the game card and wrapper back in their box and takes it home.