Water Bottles

We encourage all children to bring a water bottle into school each day. These should be kept in the classroom for easy access and can be taken outside during break and lunchtimes so that water can be drunk during these times of physical activity.

Each class teacher will have their own system for where water bottles are stored in class, depending on the age of the children and the classroom layout. Children are encouraged to have water at the beginning and end of lessons, rather than in the middle, to avoid disruptions to learning.

Water bottles should only contain still water. If a child is reluctant to drink plain water, this is something we want to overcome as its health benefits are enormous. There are a water bottles available with a section for fresh fruit infusions and this is a fun and colourful way to entice your child to drink water.

Please note: No fizzy drinks, fruit cordials, fruit juices or flavoured waters are allowed. Not only do they cause a sticky mess if spilt or if the bottle leaks in a child’s bag but they often contain sugar, colourings, additives, preservatives and aspartame (a sugar substitute), which can become addictive and affect moods. It is also not advisable for children to sip these drinks throughout the day as it can lead to tooth decay.