Meet Our Teachers

Barn Owls - Reception

Mrs Chapman

My name is Mrs Chapman and I am the teacher of Barn Owls. I have worked at Wellington Primary Academy in EYFS since it first opened in 2014. I live in Pewsey with my two children, Sophie who is 15 and Emily who is 11. I love reading, walking and visits to the beach. I am looking forward to getting to know all of the new Owls in September.

Snowy Owls - Reception

Mrs Mercer

My name is Mrs Mercer and I have been working at Wellington Primary Academy for a year now. I am originally from Cheltenham in the Cotswold’s and moved to Tidworth last summer. I trained in Cheltenham and specialized in Early Years, computing and science. I have taught a variety of ages but my heart is with EYFS (reception). I am very passionate about my job and I love watching children grow and learn, and believe that the first year is so vital for setting them up in life. I have had some crazy hobbies over the years, including being part of a youth circus! I also enjoy walking my dog and swimming. I spent most of my time as a child in the swimming pool and used to attend competitions most weekends, so the swimming pool has become my happy place. I understand the importance of learning through play and really enjoy setting up an engaging environment for the children every day.

Kestrels - Year One

Mrs Pooley

Hello, my name is Vicky Pooley and I've been teaching 15 years. During that time I have taught every year group, been the English leader and also SENCO. I started my career in Devon and after 7 years I took a break to volunteer in Papua New Guinea, working with teachers there. Like so many of the children at Wellington Primary Academy I am also the child of a soldier. I lived in Germany for many years as well as a number of other places. I have been lucky enough to travel quite a bit over the years and a highlight of this, recently, had been to hold a koala. I look forward to continuing my teaching career at Wellington Primary Academy.

Kites - Year One

Miss Calder

I trained as a teacher at the University of Winchester. Whilst at university, I gained teaching experience through placements in a range of year groups which included the Early Years Foundation Stage, Year 1, Year 2 and Year 4. After graduating I have been teaching Year 3 at a large primary school in Melksham. Outside of school, I enjoy taking part in sport especially netball and spending time in the countryside.

Robins - Year Two

Miss Brunton

I completed my teaching degree at Marjon University in Plymouth in 2014. That August I moved to Germany to complete my NQT year in Y2, where I remained until 2018 when I had a change of scenery and went into FS2! Whilst in Germany I have enjoyed being an active representative of the mess where I have had the opportunity to help to organise social events and I have spent many weekends adventuring around Europe. I am looking forward to starting at WPA, meeting the new pupils and staff, being back in the UK to explore more of the South Coast and to being able to shop on a Sunday!

Goldfinches - Year Two

Mrs Rooke

My name is Mrs Rooke, this is my second year teaching Year 2 at Wellington Primary Academy and I am going to be teaching your child in Goldfinches class in September. In my spare time, I enjoy kayaking and particularly enjoying paddling on the French lakes. Recently, I have tried my hand at learning to sail and found I am very good at capsizing boats. I also enjoy gardening and grow a lot of my own fruit and vegetables. I enjoy music and sing with a choir and play the oboe and piano. I am also passionate about reading and when time permits I can usually be found with my nose in a book. I look forward to welcoming you child into Goldfinches in September and look forward to getting to know them.

Hawks - Year Three

Mrs Stephens

My name is Diana Stephens and I am joining Wellington Primary School having spent 5 and a half years teaching in one of the MOD schools in Germany. I grew up in Kent where I taught for 6 years before moving to Germany in 2014. Living in Germany gave me the opportunity to travel around lots of Europe so I’ve been able to visit some lovely corners of the continent and learn about lots of the history and cultures that make up the countries nearest to us. I have 3 dogs who are all rescues from Cyprus and keep me busy so they don’t nibble all of my things!

Wagtails - Year Three

Miss Doyle

I am Miss Doyle. I have just finished four years at the University of Winchester completing a M.Ed in Primary Education. During my time at university, I have taught in both Key Stage 1 and 2, as well as completing a teaching placement in America. Coming from a forces background, I am excited to start my teaching career in an area that has always felt like home. I am looking forward to working alongside families and staff in the Wellington community. In my free time, I enjoy travelling, spending time with friends and family and continuing my own learning.

Ospreys - Year Four

Miss Taylor

Hello! My name is Miss Taylor and I am going to be with Year 4 Ospreys. I have been with Wellington Primary Academy for a year already and am really excited to working with the year 4’s. Previously, to starting at WPA, I lived in the Middle East for ten years where I studied and then taught in a British International School. During my two years teaching in KS1 I worked with a lot of children from different backgrounds and cultures, as well as languages. Now teaching in the UK I have found pleasure in enlightening the children on the world around us and look forward to further incorporating this into my teaching and learning. I thoroughly enjoy working with the children on thematical, creative and exciting topics, developing them with the children and ensuring they are engaged and happy. Outside of the classroom I am an avid reader and have over 300 books!

Woodpeckers - Year Four

Mr Bailey

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you ahead of the new academic year when I will be joining Wellington Primary Academy as Deputy Head Teacher. My name is Mr Bailey and I have recently relocated to Wiltshire from Poole, Dorset. I am passionate about education and imparting knowledge to the next generation. I have worked across the primary phase in a variety of schools. Most recently I have been working as Head of Year Four in a large junior school. Outside of school I have a variety of interests, such as playing badminton, sketching and reading. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your children when the new term starts. I look forward to being part of the Wellington Primary Academy family.

Kingfishers - Year Five

Mrs Fagan

My name is Mrs Fagan and I have previously taught at Bishopswood in Tadley and Vigo in Andover. Over the years I’ve taught in year 2, year 3 and year 6 but I have also worked in all other year groups when doing some supply teaching. My favourite subjects are maths and PE because I like problem solving and working as part of a team. One of my favourite hobbies is watching horse racing. I have my own riding horse and I also breed thoroughbred racehorses. I have two cats called Marmite and Pickle. In my spare time, I enjoy playing netball and going to Weymouth - my favourite thing to do in Weymouth is eat an ice-cream on the beach!

Falcons - Year Six

Mr Bruce

I have been teaching for many years now and have been lucky to teach Year 2 to Year 6- enjoying every year group. I am passionate about teaching and learning, believing everyone can achieve if they have a good learning behavior. Students say I am strict, which I am, because I have high expectations and high standards for myself and everyone else. They do (some) also say I have a good sense of humor, especially when teaching outside of the classroom on a class residential. I have been able to dress up as different characters showing my more chilled side. Outside of school I love the outdoors, having a career background in this. I have 2 lovely mountain bikes, Josephine and Fiona, who I like to ride down big hills bouncing off rocks as I go (luckily with full safety gear as I do crash sometimes!).I am looking forward to another Year 6 class with students I already know.

Sparrows - Year Six

Mrs Wallis

Originally from Lancashire, I began my teaching career there 8 years ago. Three years ago, I jumped at the chance to teach in Germany where I was lucky enough to travel some of Europe and America. I’m now looking forward to the next adventure in Tidworth and exploring the south of England. As a new mum, my daughter keeps me very busy but I also enjoy singing and watching shows in my spare time.