Transition to school

Our dedicated Reception class staff visit the local pre-schools and nurseries during the term prior to the children starting school. There are also many opportunities for the children to visit Wellington Primary Academy. An induction meeting is held during the summer term and this enables parents to meet staff, order uniform, listen to an Early Years talk and ask any questions. Some children may have additional needs or require additional visits to school; these can be arranged directly with the preschool and Reception staff. When the children start school in September, there are also opportunities for a home visit as a timetable of induction takes place.

For places in our Reception classes, please see the Admissions page and submit all applications via Wiltshire Council.

Transition to secondary

During upper Key Stage 2, the children experience many opportunities to visit the Wellington Academy secondary school. They will take part in sporting, creative and curriculum based activities and also get to know the Academy staff before any transition events take place. In Year 5, the children are offered taster days and, in Year 6, an organised programme of events takes place. As with entry to Reception classes, any children who need extra visits or support will be catered for with a personalised programme.

For places at the Wellington Academy, please see their Admission Policy and submit all applications via Wiltshire Council.