Ospreys & Woodpeckers - Year 4

Ospreys Class Teacher - Miss Taylor

Woodpeckers Class Teacher - Mr Bailey

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Nacolawa

We apologise this page does not contain the most current information, class pages are due to be updated at the beginning of the new term.

Class Presentation - September 2019

Topic Web Key Words

Term 4 Topic Web

 6th January 2020 - Year 4 Spring 1 Topic Web

20th December 2019

4th October 2019

In year 4 we have been investigating the digestive system and how to keep our bodies healthy! During our Literacy time we have been composing persuasive letters to encourage healthy food choices. Take a look at Afua's, from Ospreys, sophisticated writing.


15th October 2019

In Science we have been learning all about the human digestive system and its functions. We have written a fabulous non-chronological reports and we are now investigating the effect of different drinks on our teeth. Stay tuned to see our results.

Also keep and eye out for some spooky stories. Coming soon!


15th October 2019

We have been creating our own persuasive adverts. We have learnt the features of persuasive writing and included that in an advert for a healthy and unique snack! This has been inspired by our Science learning (about the human body and keeping healthy).