''Through assemblies and in the classroom, pupils are offered opportunities to explore many values, including tolerance and respect. In their learning, they are encouraged to challenge stereotypes and be reflective about their own actions and understanding of the wider world.''

''….pupils have a wide range of sporting activities and opportunities to compete outside the school.''

''The school encourages pupils to enjoy reading...''

''School leaders work well with parents and carers to promote a strong culture of safeguarding. Pupils and parents agree that the pupils are safe in school.''

''Children in the Reception class are well prepared for the next stage of their learning in year 1.''

''Pupils’ behavior is good.''

Ofsted Letter 24th May 2021

Ofsted Inspection Report February 2021

Ofsted Inspection Report November 2019

Ofsted Inspection Report July 2017

Ofsted Parent View

Department of Education Performance Data