Headteacher's Welcome


At Wellington Primary Academy we firmly believe that every child in our care has the right to be truly inspired by an engaging and purposeful curriculum. We have dedicated staff who are passionate about providing our children with enriching and exciting experiences so that they can all achieve success in their learning journey. We actively encourage our children to be enthusiastic, resilient, collaborative and aspirational and believe that this supports them on their path to becoming life-long learners.

We support our children to grow into positive, well rounded citizens and work alongside them to encourage bravery, positivity, respect, kindness and honesty. By instilling these values we give children the chance to shine and be proud of all that they achieve, both academically and personally.

I am very excited to be Headteacher at the Wellington Primary Academy. I want you to be assured I feel privileged to be working with you and your children so I will be investing all my energies into the school’s success. The main priority we will be working on this year will be to maintain the excellent progress made by children in KS1 and EYFS but maintain this progress at KS2 especially focusing on maths. I would also like to say I was involved with appointments of key members of new staff in the summer term and I was very impressed with the quality of staff coming into the school. I am confident you will agree! I have enjoyed welcoming new pupils into reception and children new to the school in all years. Above all, I recognise your children are your most precious possession and I want you to be assured of my commitment to them doing the best that’s possible. I’m looking forward to the year ahead!

We are all very proud of our school and would be delighted to show you around so that you can see firsthand what we do best.

Mr Peter Eccles
Head teacher