Kingfishers - Year 5

Kingfishers Class Teacher - Mr Jeynes

Teaching Assistant - Mrs A Hart

We apologise this page does not contain the most current information, class pages are due to be updated at the beginning of the new term.

Class Presentation - September 2019

Topic Web Key Words

Topic Web

Kingfishers World Book Day

To celebrate World book day Year 5 looked at the art of storytelling and purpose through comic books. Throughout the day we looked at developing the creativity and supporting concept to develop our own comic book story. Starting off with the identification of our comic book star, creating and developing their character before then analyzing how comic books are structured and then finally given the opportunity to implement these skills into their very own versions.

13th January 2020

This week we have been expanding our knowledge of multiplication by looking at the area grid model and the multiplication grid using place value counters. We multiplied 2 digits by 2 digits before progressing onto long multiplication and multiplying three digits by two digits. It was certainly a challenging few lesson for Year 5 but one they accepted with persistence and enthusiasm.

4th October 2019

Kingfishers have been looking at the Greenhouse effect in Topic this week, we have also been learning about the lifecycle of Amphibians and Insects in Science.

In English we have been reading the poem 'The Dreadful Menace' and in Maths learning to round our numbers to the nearest 10 and adding up numbers over 1000.

Take a look at some of the great work done by the children, keep up the good work Kingfishers!



8th October 2019

Today we recapped the steps required to successfully subtract 4 or more digit numbers. We then applied our knowledge to be able to explain to our peers how to subtract using the borrowing principles.


17th October 2019

This week a few of year 5 attended a Sports Leaders day where they learnt the benefits of physical exercise and how to organise and structure an activity. The knowledge they gained will be useful for them and the school moving forward.



Kingfishers Term 2

This coming term we will be looking at Multiplication and Division. We have noticed that not all children are accessing TT Rockstars, please remember this is part of the weekly homework. Our times table skills will be required this term to ensure we are successfully completing the work. We will then be looking at Fractions, Percentages and Decimals where again timetables knowledge will be paramount. The year 5 class teachers will be allocating Dojos to regular users of TT Rockstars.

English this term will be linked closely with our Topic of the Term - Ancient Greece, where we will be looking at Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses, Greek Myths, Life in Ancient Greece whilst also reviewing the impact of Anceint Greece in the modern world. Closely linked to this we will be, as a class, reading 'Who let the Gods out' by Maz Evans.

Science we will be looking at the Earth and Space understanding the movement of Earth and other planets, within the solar system, relative to the sun. Explain the moons movement relative to Earth, how the day and night apparent movement of the sun across the sky works and why planets are relative spherical bodies.

French we will be looking and learning about ourselves and in RE we will be reviewing what Christmas means to Christians. Then in PE this term we will be looking at High 5 Netball and Dance.

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